The Company has bright future prospects as it is authorized to deal in variety of products which will enhance its growth & profitability. The main objects to be pursued:-

1):-To carry on the business of manufactures, dealers, hirers, repairers, cleaners and stores of heavy vehicles such as pay loaders Compressors motor cars, motor cycles, motor boats, motor lorries, motor launches, motor vans, aeroplane, hydroplanes, sea planes, gliders and other conveyances of all descriptions whether propelled or assisted by means of petrol, spirit steam, gas, electricity or other powers and of engines, chassis bodies and other things used for in or in connection with the above mentioned things and to manufacture steel tubes.

2);-To carry on all or any of the business as buyers, sellers, importers, exporters, distributors, agent, brokers, factors, stockists, commission agents and dealers of: Engineering goods, machine tools ,hand tools, metals, alloys, iron pipe fittings, nuts and bolts, bicycles and accessories, automobile parts steel and stainless steel and iron products ores, and scraps metallurgical residues, hide, skins leather goods, furs, bristles , tobacco (raw and manufactured) hemp , seeds, oil and cakes, vanaspati , textiles fiber and wastes, coir and jute and products thereof wood and timber , bones crushed and uncrushed, industrial diamonds coal and charcoal glue ,gums and resins, ivory, lac shellac, manures, pulp or wood, rags rubber, tanning substance wax quartz crystal , chemical and chemical preparations, plastic and linoleum articles, glass and glass ware , handicraft, handloom, toys, precious stones, jewelleries, drugs and medicine soaps. Paints , instruments, apparatus and appliances , machinery and mill work and parts thereof, paper and stationery, sport goods, textile including decorative hand and machine made readymade garments, carpets, rugs, artificial silk fabrics, cotton, woolen cloth and sorts of apparels, dressing material, cosmetics, wigs belts, belting cinematograph film exposed, gramophone records, rubber, plastic goods starch, umbrellas, crown corks, batteries, surgical and musical instruments, marble and hardware items, traditional calendars , all kinds of books and manuscripts, electric and electronic products, cellulosic and cellulosic products, mixed blended products , nylon polyester fiber , yarn, hosiery and mixed fabrics and garments , fodder , flour , confectionery, provisions alcohol , beverages, perfumed spirits, spices and tea , coffee, sugar and molasses, vegetables and vegetable products processed, foods and packed food products.

3):- To purchase , hold, acquire, mines , mining, lease, mining licenses , mining rights, mining claims and to explore, search, work , exercise, develop, treat , fine, and to turn to account , ores , all sorts of major and minor , minerals, working deposits of all kinds of minerals and sub soil minerals and to crush , win set, smelt, calcine, refine , dress preserve , amalgamate, manufacture, manage , manipulate and prepare for market, metal and mineral substances of all kind and to carry on metallurgical operation in all its branches. To prepare , process, manufacture, assemble, fabricate , cast , fit , press , machine , treat , weld, harden , plate, temper , anneal any kind of metals and the consequential products and to do all such other acts or thing necessary in connection with the same which the company may from time to time think proper to be acquired for any or its objects.

4):- To carry on the business of an investment company and to invest the capital and other moneys of the company in the purchase or upon the security of shares ,stocks units debentures , debentures stocks , bonds , mortgages obligations and securities of any kind issued or guaranteed by any company , corporation or undertaking of whatever nature , whether incorporated or otherwise and where so ever constituted or carrying on business and to buy sell or otherwise deal in shares, stocks, debentures, debentures stock, bonds , notes mortgages , obligations and other securities issued or guaranteed by any government , sovereign , ruler commissioners, trust , municipal , local or other authority or body of whatever nature in India or abroad.